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This Summer's Passage (Original, Signed and Framed)

This Summer's Passage (Original, Signed and Framed)

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Painting Size: 85cm x 60cm 

Media: Windsor and Newton Artists Watercolours 

This painting started with my love of cycling along the Downs-link - an old trail that used to be a railway line, but which now links the South Downs with the North Downs.  The trail starts in Shoreham by Sea and finishes in Guildford, 50 or so miles north.  

As the spring settled into summer I noticed how tree tunnels were forming lush green canopies, which the hot sun would dapple through and flash under me on the chalky, dry track I cycled over.  The air was warm with the sweet scent of wild flowers and dry grass, so lovely I had to stop and close my eyes just to focus on it. Taking a breath.

If there is anything that for me defines my favourite time of year most, then it is the smell of summer, that baked earth sweetness that nestles in the air.  The countryside gives me something very sustaining and it is this feeling I have tried to impress into this work.  The peaches, purples, pinks and oranges of the flowers mingle with the green of the leaves and the shadows cast all around.  The brilliant clean blue of the cloudless sky in the afternoon sun punches bright and there is a sense of movement forwards, with a gentle energy.  I hope I've captured that.  I would love to know how this painting makes you feel?


I now provide framing consultation for each original painting, the cost includes that bespoke service.  This can be done in person at my gallery or remotely if that isn't possible.  I ship original paintings (all with art glass) throughout the UK and internationally. If you have any questions please visit my contact page or click the 'Chat with us' button.  

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