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The Way is Grateful (Original, Signed and Framed)

The Way is Grateful (Original, Signed and Framed)

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Painting Size: 84cm x 59cm 

Mixed Media: Windsor and Newton Watercolours | Schmincke Horadam Watercolours 

In August this year I walked The Great Glen Way from Fort William to Inverness.  Scotland has always had a draw for me as it's a place I spent time as a child on holiday with my family.  This journey was a walking holiday with someone I care very deeply about and it was such a joyful experience.  That's all there is to it, sometimes things just go well, and feel right and your mood elevates and all things seem infinite and possible and each day is gratifying and good.  Quiet moments together are gracefully tranquil and conversations spread across the mountains and sometimes deep as the lochs are serious and silly. There is laughter and blisters, card games, seafood and cold beer - dinners that after 20 miles a day of walking are wonderful feasts. Hotel rooms like sanctuaries. 

The weather was atmospheric and sunny and the colours, scents and silence that drifted along with us merged with a great sense of achievement. This painting comes from the memory of heather in full bloom over high passes above Loch Ness and also the memory of all the pathways we walked.  If you look closely you can see many. I love hiking, which to me is any walk that lasts most of the day.  You're tired but in that good, full body way that craves tea and cake, maybe a prawn cocktail and beer or fish and chips. 

And at the end of the day, on these very particular days laying next to the dearest of humans it's as close to freedom as I can be.  Freedom from over thinking, from being too inside of myself and for me this feeling is the cornerstone of happiness. To get away. I have tried to capture that in some way. The great way.  The way is grateful. 


I provide framing consultation for each original painting, the cost includes that bespoke service.  This can be done in person at my gallery or remotely if that isn't possible.  I ship original paintings (all with art glass) throughout the UK and internationally. If you have any questions please fee free to contact me. 

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