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If I Could Find You (Original, Signed and Framed)

If I Could Find You (Original, Signed and Framed)

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Painting Size: 85cm x 60cm 

Media: Windsor and Newton Artists Watercolours 

I live by the sea currently, which is a gift but rarely something I want to paint. 

I yearn for forests, woods and mountains, big sky wilderness - and I suppose in part, solitude.  When I was a child my family and I had numerous holidays in Scotland, often in idyllic cottages in stunning places now etched in memory's rosy nostalgia. 

I do like to think back because I miss being with my family and brothers, that togetherness, sometimes awkward, oftentimes wonderful, funny and gratifying. Conversations with my Mum, walking with my Dad and mucking about with my brothers.  Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Much of the way I see things is through a lens of remaining childlike in my approach, not only to painting but to life in general, to try and wake up brand new, every day - the way it once felt.  As adults I believe we still have that ability within us, regardless of age, we just tend to dismiss it.

Since that time though - long ago, I've been to Scotland with girlfriends, friends and had amazing trips, new years eve adventures, hiking, mountain biking, and perhaps most significant, my brother Paul's wedding in the most westerly peninsula of the Highlands, a place called Applecross.  There is undoubtedly something romantic about Scotland, particularly in the highlands, close to castles, mountains, glens and lochs of age old history.  It's as if the landscape possesses intrinsic drama and passion.

The time of year I've found this sentiment to feel prominent is in late summer on the cusp of autumn, the days when a fresh coldness in the air whispers of the winter to come, often brimming full of crisp light. The scene in the painting comes from time spent in Glen Affric, where forests of pines and deciduous trees cover 17,604 hectares.

I wanted to paint a scene that was more expansive than some of my recent work, with strong colours symbolic of the shift in seasons.  The title is supposed to denote hopefulness, in which I thought of a place personified,  where real inner peace could be found, for myself and others perhaps.  And also, part of me imagined how it might feel to live in the small croft with someone, where it was okay that it is just us, alone surrounded by natural wonder. 


I now provide framing consultation for each original painting, the cost includes that bespoke service.  This can be done in person at my gallery or remotely if that isn't possible.  I ship original paintings (all with art glass) throughout the UK and internationally. If you have any questions please visit my contact page or click the 'Chat with us' button.  

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