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SALE - Dandelions and The Birches (Original, Signed and Framed)

SALE - Dandelions and The Birches (Original, Signed and Framed)

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Painting Size: 85cm x 60cm 

Media: Windsor and Newton Artists Watercolours | Windsor and Newton Designers Gouache

I love the woods.  I love forests and I love trees.  Yes, a lot of love for trees.

Silver birches are one of my favourite, they're so graceful.  When I was growing up we had a huge birch in the front garden.  In the summer when the tree was abundant with its small leaves it made such a restful sound through my bedroom window.  I would lay on my bed sometimes and just listen to it.  

I still find pleasure in picking dandelion seed heads, known as the 'pappus'.  I'm sure you must remember blowing on them as a child, perhaps as an adult too.  I like that the seeds can travel great distances.  Sometimes I would like to be one of those seeds.  But anyway, whilst out and about I found a little copse of birches with dandelion seed heads being blown up in to the air.  Simple.  Beautiful.

This is a painting of tranquility, soft tones yet very striking too because of the size.

I now provide framing consultation for each original painting, the cost includes this bespoke service. (Though for international and UK shipping - where unable to collect from my gallery - there will be an additional cost).  I have a curated selection of 20 frames I work with that enhance with my work and colour palettes.  Obviously, if you'd like to frame the artwork yourself there will be a reduction in the list price.  If you have any questions please visit my contact page or click the 'Chat with us' button.  

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