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Moment of Flowers (Original, Signed and Framed)

Moment of Flowers (Original, Signed and Framed)

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Painting Size: 85cm x 60cm 

Media: Windsor and Newton Artists Watercolours 

Trying to describe how we feel at any given moment is difficult, particularly if we have the time to be honest with ourselves.  It is my belief that we ache to understand the duality we all must all endure; that which limits us and that which radiates as a spark of illimitable potential. 

And that's a lot of pressure right?  Because there are days when it's hard to get out of bed, when loneliness, sadness and even despair blot out the true potential that could await us.  And that's okay, because we are inundated with the illimitable, of what we should be doing better. One example is the veneer of the better life we aspire to have through social media outlets - and we are only human, so are very susceptible to this. 

On the other hand we have the clamp like grip of the limiters, the news media and its fear factory of oppressively bad news.  It's sycophantic endorsement of celebrity and success.  Governments, which will always succeed in misleading us.  Police brutality.  Hate of all terrible strands. It's just awful. 

So why on earth is this all relevant.  Well, I'll be honest.  Recently I've been thinking 'whats the point in all this. It's too hard.'  Perhaps I was thinking about this in relation to being a painter, or to life in general, probably both.  I was walking back from the supermarket carrying these thoughts, along with my over laden bag for life, which then died.  All my bits fell out on to the pavement. Honestly, I felt like crying. I took a breath. 

The low sun of a September afternoon bounced off the white buildings along my road and I noticed the flowers falling over me as I stooped to resuscitate my bag for life.  Fuchsias dancing in the light, tumbling almost - over a wall and bringing me back to the moment, back to life and out of my thoughts.  The depth of the greens, the light penetrating, the delicacy of the petals.  Natures colours almost infinitely wonderful and there it was, a counterpoint.  I didn't want to look away and break the spell, and so knew I must paint it.  A moment of sweetness, a moment of flowers.  


I now provide framing consultation for each original painting, the cost includes that bespoke service.  This can be done in person at my gallery or remotely if that isn't possible.  I ship original paintings (all with art glass) throughout the UK and internationally. If you have any questions please visit my contact page or click the 'Chat with us' button.  

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